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Quitters Events for BitF 2023

Booze Donation Appreciation

Thursday / Friday / Saturday 1pm - 3pm (any time really, Sunday's probably ok too, as long as the bottles have lids and it's not a giant vat of grenadine)

Join the circle jerk of generosity at our Booze Donation event! Embrace the Burn spirit by donating your beloved libations, allowing us to serve it right back to you! We promise to honour your donation with loud accolades and a special song in your name!

Wine-about-it and Cheese / Kraft Singles Mixer

Thursday 3pm - 4:30pm

Indulge in the ultimate therapy session with Wine-about-it and Cheese! Join us to vent about life's woes while exploring a variety of delectable cheeses. Who knows, you might just meet the cheese enthusiast of your dreams amidst the flavorful commiseration.

St Patrick's Day Party

Friday 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Get your green on and join us for a raucous St. Patrick's Day Party! Celebrate the luck of the Irish with a pint of cheer, lively music, and an atmosphere that'll make you feel like you've found the pot of gold at the end of the Burn.

Draft Punk at the Trash Fence

Friday 5pm - 6:30pm

Raise your glasses and pay tribute to the legendary Daft Punk at Draft Punk! Sip on draft beers while we crank up the beats that made these electronic icons famous. Join us at Quitters for a groovy gathering that'll make you feel Alive (2007).

Power Ballads and Perms

Saturday 2pm - 3:30

Unleash your inner rock god or goddess at Power Ballads and Perms! Rock out to hair-raising power ballads while our talented stylists transform your locks into epic '80s masterpieces. It's an afternoon of headbanging and hair-tangling fun you won't want to miss!

Working Class Blues & Warm Whiskey

Saturday 8pm

Raise a glass to the hardworking heroes of Burn in the Forest at Working Class Blues & Whiskey! Warm your spirits with soul-soothing whiskey as we honour the resilient spirit of the working class. Have a special reserve? Bring it to share! We might also be playing a lot of Tom Waits.

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Community Truck

We've rented a 17 foot Penske truck to get our camp there, and we'll definitely have some extra room. Given how expensive these rentals (and fuel) have become we figured it would only be oh-so Burner of us to offer space!


Please note

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Camp with us!

We're a small group of former Vandango veterans and new folk looking to bring back a bar with a slightly different vibe (we're gettin' old). We're looking for people who want to help build something new. We're a spirited bunch who have deep hearts but try not to take things too seriously. We like music with words, singalongs, and just plain' old absurdity. We're like a good pun: unexpected, but oh soo good when you get it.

We offer this space to everyone, but it's important to mention that, to most, our space is considered 19+. Unsupervised children are asked to leave, and generally speaking is not considered an ideal space if you have young children or young adults with you.

What we're looking for

People to help build and bartend. We pride ourselves on not having shifts, but you should love to serve drinks, enjoy a bar atmosphere or be just generally helpful! Radical self-reliance should be at the top of your list; the camp isn't going to hold your hand on anything, but of course, we're all in this together so everyone's here to help each other succeed. We're here to put on a "thing," whatever that "thing" is. There's no set plan, no deadlines, and no art director. Whatever comes together comes together! It's a smorgasbord of ideas and downright harebrained plans, so you should like to riff and see what works. Our bar does run late, (no need to stay up with us) but we can't guarantee absolute silence. We ain't quiet camping, that's for sure.

Lastly, you should have outstanding character, someone who's (deep down-- somewhere) empathetic, and puts the safety of others above all. We don't tolerate hate, discrimination, violence or malicious denigration of any kind. We're here to have fun and maintain a safe and positive space for everyone.

What does the camp provide? Are there camp dues?

A great place to meet people! We don't have a shared kitchen or any common amenities. Camp dues are simply a tithing of libations to the bar, whatever you feel you can contribute! Just be sure if you pack-it-in pack-it-out, we want green every year.